“Weren’t you supposed to pick him up??”

My 52nd birthday was two days ago (June 5th) , and all these stories jogged my memory a bit…

It was my tenth birthday, and it was about 6 PM or so….Mom and Dad got a call from Tm, and he told them to make sure that I didn’t eat any supper, and Mom and Dad kept it quiet,  and managed to stall their dinner long enough for Tim to come and pick me up.  I get into the car, and we arrive at The Brown Bottle….Jim and Marty were already seated at the table, and as I sat down, they gave me a replay as well as a confession….

“You were supposed to pick him up!”

“No, You were!”

“No, it was Jim’s job to pick him up!”

Needless to say, what had happened was these three clowns could not decide who was to pick me up, and on their own, each decided that one of the other two  were going to pick me up, then they all arrived at the restaurant, sat down, and all asked the other one where I was, and after playing the blame game for five minutes, Tim politely goes over to the pay phone (This was back in the Ice Age before cell phones, little ones!), runs home in his 1972 Cougar (which was cool as hell to a 10 year old!) …And races back to the Brown Bottle with me in tow.  But hey, it;’s all good—If I recall correctly, I ordered the most expensive thing on the menu, lol!