Why I can’t BEAR (Surprise) birthdays!

So, there i was—recently graduated from UNI, and my friends from Campus Bible Fellowship were sticking around for one last bru-haha.  My room mate Chuck came down to the basement of our house and handed me a cake mix box, and asked me if I could bake a cake for our mutual friend, Joy, because Joy was going away in a week.  I said sure, and gave it no thought….

Well, later that night…the cake was baked, and Chuck and whomever else decorated it, and we all gathered at the CBF Greenhouse before heading off to “Joy’s going away party”

Well, everyone got into their cars, and Chuck and I got into Chuck’s car, and we took off for a house that our mutual friend, Pam Olson was house sitting.   Chuck drove every street in Cedar Falls, and some of them, twice, or so it felt!  Well, 45 minutes later, chuck sudenly “remembered” where we were supposed to go, and we ended up at the house.  We entered the house, and I, thinking that the party was for Joy, went up to Joy and started to wish her a fond farewell, when all of a sudden, a group emerged from the kitchen with the cake that I had baked for Joy, and it was all lit up up with the words, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BEAR!”

Pam walks forward with the cake in her outstretched arms, and as she walks forward, the group follow her, and Pam announces, “Hey, Bear—remember that cake that Chuck had you bake for Joy?”

Well, what was supposed to be a surprise party for Joy was just a ruse to get me to bake the cake—a birthday cake for me! The next thing I knew, the room was filled with a chorus of Happy Birthday!

Oh the little rascals!

Well, the evening ended with Pam and Rachel on the steps with me….I need to explain something here—my nick name for Pam and Rachel was Laverne and Shirley because they were room mates all four years of college, and so here we were—wrapping things up, and saying our good ngihts and good byes, and I had Pam in one arm, and Rachel in the other, and I told them, “Now, when I count to three, you two follow my lead, okay?”

I started it off with…One, two, three, four….