“Plays Well With Others….Well, Define “Plays Well”! Part Two

Pastor Sean had just graduated from Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa, and we were at his graduation party from seminary.  I had lived with Ray and Mary in the late 1990’s in their back bedroom, and the three of  us were the last ones to leave Sean’s party.   As we were wrapping up, there was a car accident just yards from Pastor Sean’s back yard, and we all went to investigate.

Now, Ray is a tiny man…About 5″ 8′, 5″ 10′ at best, and he didn’t want to walk all the way around Sean’s very long fence, and I offered to lift ray over the fence….

Now, do the math—I am 6″ 4′ and “football player” sized….

Large man…

Tiny man…

Large man lifts tiny man over the fence….

Next thing you know, poor Ray is a projectile and just goes flying over that fence!

…Kinda like this!