“Plays Well With Others….Well, Define “Plays Well”!

Red Rover

We were at the Campus Bible Fellowship back yard, playing “Red Rover”.  If memory serves me correctly, it was girls against guys.  Anyway, I got called over, “Red Rover, red rover, send BEAR right over!”


Well, I did a fake out…I ran right…then left…then right again…alla the time, staring at one spot in the line, while secretlly aiming for another spot….It was Eillen Harter…I pretended to run towards some other group of girls, and at the last second, ran to Eillen….


…The girl never saw it coming, and then….




Poor Eillen was airborne! 

Moral of the story:  Girls, never ask a 6′ 4″ man that weighs over 250 pouinds to “Come right over” when you play Red Rover!


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